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The Company

Nationwide Multifamily Investing

"If You Take Care of Your Properties,
They’ll Take Care of You"

We acquire, redevelop, and operate value-add multifamily assets on behalf of individual investors, family offices, and financial institutions.

Focused Strategy,
Deep Experience

Adding Value to U.S. Multifamily Apartments

Pearl Equity Partners is a real estate investor and asset management company focused on acquiring, redeveloping, and operating U.S. multifamily apartments and hospitality properties. Founded in 2018, we execute value-add strategies and we asset manage a portfolio of properties on behalf of individual investors, family offices, and financial institutions. We work in partnership with best-in-class property management companies.

Privately Held

We are privately held by our co-founders, Werner Minshall, founder of Minshall Stewart Properties and Minshall Development, and Lydia Monroy, former managing director of Benedict Canyon Equities.

Long-Term Appreciation, Current Returns

We have expertise in selecting and managing attractive, risk-adjusted real estate investments located in major markets throughout the United States. Our experience with markets, finance, operations, and asset management returns long-term capital appreciation and current returns on equity to our investors.

We currently own and operate $100 million in real estate assets with over 1,350 multifamily units.

  • 1985

    Co-founder Werner Minshall is CEO of Parkway Companies of Baltimore, MD.

  • 1989

    Minshall Development Company is established to make opportunistic and long-term investments in high-quality multifamily real estate.

    2001 L Street NW, Washington, D.C. underwent significant expansion and façade renovation under ownership of Minshall Stewart Properties.
  • 1998

    Minshall Stewart was formed to acquire and reposition commercial office and retail properties in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest markets. The firm completed 26 transactions valued at $750 million dollars.

  • 2011

    Co-founder Lydia Monroy joins Benedict Canyon Equities. As managing director, she oversaw the acquisition of 58 properties valued at $1.5 billion over her six-year tenure.

  • 2018

    Minshall and Monroy co-found Pearl Equity Partners

  • 2018

    Pearl Equity Partners closes its first acquisition, Terrace View Apartments, in Colonial Heights, Virgina

    Terrace View Apartments, a Pearl Equity Partners multifamily property
    A 62-unit property built in 1998 in Colonial Heights, Virginia, Terrace View is 30 minutes from downtown Richmond and proximate to major employers, commerce, and Virginia State University.